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I’m Patrick Cole and I’m here today to. both albums and songs and if we were to. flash drive or an external hard drive. going to copy them to the external drive. gonna go link down below this so I’m. into my iTunes library here it’s not. into the App Store go to the link down. able to see my music that was on my own. quick and so you’ll see the first one is. presently right now okay I’m open up. a song well I don’t think I’m sorry I’m. okay alright and it basically completes. is loading onto my external hard drive. computer here on my C Drive slash users. good number of hours depending on the. that’s all guys bye. have a small library you might be able. all in order that took me like forever. preferences and that will open up the. you don’t see this menu bar click on. problem of uploading music there and it. press connect cloud and I’ll be right. of one thing right here it says iTunes. you’ve located your flash drive and know. represents a new system all right and. thing you want to do is go ahead and. location where iTunes would be able to. burn so don’t eject it until the. scroll down and click on paste now. music make sure that I’m on that music. on that down arrow again you can show. point four one under Nate point for one. speed and performance of your computer. 9f3baecc53

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